Summer Reading

Day 22-Summer Reading A petite preserved paper specimen for summer reading day of #summerminifun with @vintagedollhouseshop 📰 This tiny trophy was given to my grandfather in appreciation for helping The Orange County Register Newspaper to implement a new software system back in the 90s. I don’t actually read much of physical newspapers these days, but… Continue reading Summer Reading


Family Reunion

Day 18-Family Reunion Tweed Reed saw the family reunion prompt was coming up for #summerminifun with @vintagedollhouseshop, so he invited his cousin Hunek to come by for a visit. He forgot to mention however, that every dollhouse is closed for renovations, so her accommodations would be less than ideal. Hunek does not mind sleeping on… Continue reading Family Reunion



Day 9- Entertaining Mini kits for days 📚 I call this shelf my mini entertainment center, because it’s where I keep my kits in progress. I’ve also got a tub of broken minis that I intend to fix up. I find it much more entertaining than anything on Netflix, but that doesn’t mean I don’t… Continue reading Entertaining


Grow and Bloom

🌼Grow and bloom, baby! 🌼 Today is day 8 of #summerminifun with @vintagedollhouseshop and the minis are in full bloom! 💐 I gave this chair a floral glow up last night, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out since this was a first for me. I’ve repainted mini Miniatures, but this was my… Continue reading Grow and Bloom


A favorite chair

Welcome to day 6 of #summerminifun, hosted by @vintagedollhouseshop. The prompt today is a favorite chair and I could not resist sharing this guy with you. This is Mr. Vanderbilts Chair, from the Willit’s Take-a-Seat collection. What do you think? I am obsessed with those little face details. 🥰🪑 There’s still plenty of time to… Continue reading A favorite chair


Grilling and Chilling

Day 4-Grilling and Chilling I’ve been wanting to sit and chill by the fire, but it’s summer and I live in Southern California, so that’s not happening anytime soon. It’s hot, but Wee Sarah Winchester is chilling Chilling vicariously through Wee Sarah Winchester on day 4 of #summerminifun hosted by @vintagedollhouseshop with this post inspired… Continue reading Grilling and Chilling


Porch and Patio

Day 3-Porch and Patio Fixing up the Plum Brook cottage porch and patio on day 3 of #summerminifun hosted by @vintagedollhouseshop 💛🏠 This has been such a fun event to take part in. I’ve met so many wonderful people who share in this mutual mini passion. Whether you’re a long time lover of dollhouses and… Continue reading Porch and Patio

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Summer Mini Fun Giveaways

Today marks the second day of the #SummerMiniFun event on Instagram, hosted by Vintage Dollhouse Shop. The prompt for day one was who lives in your doll house, and it’s been so fun going through everyone’s posts and seeing not only what other people collect, but learning why they collect. Yesterday was also the first… Continue reading Summer Mini Fun Giveaways