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Creating the Overlook Nook

I made an overlook Hotel Inspired set of furniture for the Stephen King fan in my life (my sister). I held off on sharing the process for a while, so it would be a surprise, but now that the gift has been given I’ve given the gift away, I wanted to share. Here's How… Continue reading Creating the Overlook Nook

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Making The Music Room Box

My plan for this project was to create a room inspired by one of my favorite wee chairs in my collection. "The Music Room" chair is from the Willit's Take-a-Seat collection by Raine. The Room Box I started with a basic nook box that I found on sale. I built the box, and measured some… Continue reading Making The Music Room Box

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Stuck on Shingles and the Floor

I’m feeling accomplished today. OOTD for dollhouse shenanigans I finally set aside a chunk of time to stick a few much needed shingles up on Plumbrook Cottage. I also reattached some trim pieces. Prior to the shingle shenanigans, I pulled up the upholstery from my grandpa’s old couch to use as carpeting. I gave… Continue reading Stuck on Shingles and the Floor

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Don’t send me flowers, send me craft supplies

Welcome back to the castle! If you are not aware, this castle is widely available at Michael’s craft stores for very inexpensive. I picked one up for even less, because it had been loved up some. If anyone out there is working on one of these now too, please come and find me so we… Continue reading Don’t send me flowers, send me craft supplies

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If you Give a Cat a Dollhouse

As usual, something that started out as a joke is now a reality. I put together one of the tiny house kits I found on eBay, and let my cat check it out after I had finished the build. Obviously, he can’t really play with this house unsupervised, but I still called it Domino’s House.… Continue reading If you Give a Cat a Dollhouse

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Dollhouse Flooring

Dollhouse flooring options as temporary collage art.. I finally got around to making the first harvest of fabric from my grandparent’s couch.. seen here with felt and floor scraps pulled from Plumbrook Cottage. The scraps all needed a good rinsing, but I’m happy to do it if it means they’ll stick around longer ❤️

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Housewarming gifts 🏠❤️ It’s repurposed or rescued day for #summerminifun with @vintagedollhouseshop so I thought it would be a good day to wander over to the craft store for some dollhouse fixings. I am still torn about leaving the wallpaper in the Plumbrook Cottage. I want to keep it original, but may have to sacrifice… Continue reading Housewarming

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Welcome to My Castle Dollhouse

This is just a quick post to share the before pictures and some plans for this wooden art mines castle hi picked up. There are a couple of small cracks, and the paint job is halfway done with blue tape included, but my goal is to turn it into a three dimensional vision board. I… Continue reading Welcome to My Castle Dollhouse

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We Have a New House to Call Home!

I haven’t said much about it yet, because I’ve been pretty busy with my internship with Vintage Dollhouse Shop and SummerMiniFun; but I found another Dollhouse that was looking for a new home, and I’ve made her mine! Mind you, this is not long after I brought home the Plumbrook Cottage and started working on… Continue reading We Have a New House to Call Home!

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Research before Renovations

I am continuing on with the planning for the renovations for Plumbrook cottage. My biggest focus so far has been on doing the research before starting any renovations. I had ordered the Plumbrook plan book and that came in, so I’ve been skimming through it to get a better idea of what the house bones… Continue reading Research before Renovations