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Creating the Overlook Nook

I made an overlook Hotel Inspired set of furniture for the Stephen King fan in my life (my sister).

I held off on sharing the process for a while, so it would be a surprise, but now that the gift has been given I’ve given the gift away, I wanted to share.

Here’s How I Made It

For this dollhouse project, I used a couple of kits. One is a set of puzzle furniture I found on Amazon and the other was a spooky nook shelf from Michaels. The first step was to paint select which furniture I wanted to include in to this set, then I added a few coats of paint.

sneaky lil preview

Adding the Prints

Then, I printed out a few different sizes of the iconic rug print, using my inkjet printer. I traced around the shapes I needed and then cut them out to decoupage onto the puzzle furniture pieces before putting them together. I used a combination of Mod Podge Matte and Sparkle.

The Final Result

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