My Dollhouse Projects, Room Boxes

Making The Music Room Box

My plan for this project was to create a room inspired by one of my favorite wee chairs in my collection. “The Music Room” chair is from the Willit’s Take-a-Seat collection by Raine.

The Room Box

I started with a basic nook box that I found on sale. I built the box, and measured some pieces of fabric and paper to fit. Looking back, I definitely would have done the walls and floors before putting the room box together. I got ahead of myself and excited to build.

The Piano and the Curtain

The piano is actually a 3D puzzle music box I put together a few months back. To make the piano top, I took a picture of the chair miniature, and printed it out. I traced around the shape of the piano and decoupaged the print on top. I did the same with the piano bench. The curtain is an upholstery fabric sample that I cut with pinking shears, and used a toothpick and eye screws for the hanging rod.

The Light

I made the overhead light from an LED party bulb. The bulb is super bright, so I painted over with yellow and green to dim the glow. Then, I cut and folded a lampshade from the same material from the same print I put on the piano.

The Final Details

Meet me in the music room

The final touches are the sheet music, a candle, and a mirror in miniature. These were a few vintage pieces I found when I picked up Plumbrook Cottage for the first time.

I enjoyed making this box, and I learned a lot during the process. I’ve already got quite the list of ideas for more rooms, and I am excited to see what new lessons come with each.

Thank you for being here.

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