My Dollhouse Projects, Plumbrook Cottage

Stuck on Shingles and the Floor

I’m feeling accomplished today.

OOTD for dollhouse shenanigans

I finally set aside a chunk of time to stick a few much needed shingles up on Plumbrook Cottage. I also reattached some trim pieces.

Prior to the shingle shenanigans, I pulled up the upholstery from my grandpa’s old couch to use as carpeting. I gave a good washing to the carpet that was in there previously too. I also cut a small piece of contact paper for the bay window that had been bare. I used the plumbrook cottage plans to measure a perfect fit.

I’ve still got a few touch up details to attend to on the exterior, but I’ve started to feel extra hype for the interior.

That cupboard is bare.. Time to go shopping?

I have a vague idea of a theme for the interior, but I am also staying open for inspiration. If I know myself, I am likely to change my plans often as I curate my collection and meet more miniaturists online and out in the world.

Thank you for being here.

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