Domino’s House for Destitute Kitties, My Dollhouse Projects

If you Give a Cat a Dollhouse

As usual, something that started out as a joke is now a reality.

I put together one of the tiny house kits I found on eBay, and let my cat check it out after I had finished the build. Obviously, he can’t really play with this house unsupervised, but I still called it Domino’s House.

Before I continue, I feel compelled to mention my cats full name is domino the destitute. I named him after a Coheed and Cambria song.

This house has layers.

Domino’s House for Destitute Kitties

All of these layers and concepts swishing around in my brain, along with other good and bad ideas, led to Domino’s House for Destitute Kitties.

The house is small and my skills are feeble, but my goal is to make a tiny boxing gym for kitties. I tried to make a little jute string punching bag, but I couldn’t get it small enough to fit inside of the houses. Maybe I will mount it and build in a yard. Speaking of jute string, I did get the roof covered.

I think domino digs it.

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